Why Support KCI

Together, we are strengthening the community into the next generation.

We strive to lift up parent/caregiver success and family well-being.

Working Together

Research shows that by the time children begin kindergarten, significant differences in the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for school success already exist between children from low-income families and their peers. This so-called “opportunity gap,” which challenges many children who have grown up in poverty or who have experienced trauma, homelessness or other risks to their healthy development, does not have to exist. The challenges that at-risk children face can be overcome. 

All children can realize their potential for success in school and life.

At Kids’ Corps, we have provided comprehensive Head Start child development programs for at-risk children and their families since 1990. We work with families and our community to address every challenge to school readiness a child may face. Our services include health and developmental screenings, nutritious meals, referrals to community resources and a high-quality preschool program that nurtures each childs’ cognitive, physical and social/emotional development. 

The difference between a child who enters kindergarten eager and ready to learn and one who feels unprepared is profound.

What We Do


a transformative role across two generations.


children learn to express thoughts and feelings.


children to develop literacy and math skills.


concerns early with child hearing, vision, health and developmental screenings.


low-income families to achieve education, employment, and housing goals.

We Are Grateful

for the generous support of our donors and supporters.