child matters.
moment counts.

We provide a
to families with children who need it most.

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“Kids’ Corps, Inc. has become a massive part of our everyday lives… it has met my every need as a professional and parent.”


Parent & Staff

We are guided by 5 Core Values:

1. Family Empowerment

We respect parents as decision-makers; we support our families by offering parenting and community resources, school readiness supports, volunteering, training and leadership opportunities for personal growth.

2. Inclusion

We celebrate and value all families’ cultures; all families are welcomed and supported regardless of economic, educational, or social status.

3. Belonging

All families belong at Kids’ Corps. We ensure children, families and staff feel wanted and safe.

4. School Readiness

We engage children’s natural love of learning and help them develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for success in school and life.

5. Wellness

We focus on helping our families, children and staff achieve and maintain mental, physical and emotional health.

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Together, we are strengthening the community into the next generation. We are grateful for the support of our donors.