About KCI

We provide a head start to families with children who need it most.

Kids’ Corps, Inc.

is a 501v(3) nonprofit organization that supports low-income expectant families and families with children from birth through five years of age by providing preschool, child care, and home visiting services in the Anchorage community.  Head Start programs use a whole-family approach that offers services to both children and their families. We envision a future where every child leaves our program with 100% of the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed for optimal learning and development. We achieve this by partnering with families, investors, and our local community to provide comprehensive, high-quality services that ensure children are safe, healthy, learning, and engaged in positive relationships.

Incorporated in 1987, Kids’ Corps became a Head Start grantee funded to serve 133 low-income children and their families in 1990.

Today we enroll 260 children in our 9 locations servicing areas such as Muldoon, Mountain View, Fairview, and Midtown. We also have classrooms in several elementary schools including Baxter, NorthStar, Gladys Wood, Willow Crest, and Creekside Park.  We are proud to stand with the more than 1,700 Head Start grantees across the country who help provide high-quality, comprehensive services to nearly 1 million children and families in need.

What is Head Start?

The premise of Head Start is simple: every child, regardless of circumstances at birth, has the ability to reach his or her full potential.

Children enter Head Start with serious socioeconomic disadvantages that can hold them back for life. Head Start programs like ours, supported by years of research and guided by high standards, understand how children learn and what practices support healthy development. Adapted from the National Head Start Association.

The Whole Family

A “Two Generation” Approach to Alleviating Poverty

Head Start supports families facing difficult circumstances and seeks to mitigate obstacles to learning in the early years. By helping families who might be struggling with poverty and other socio-economic challenges achieve their goals for education, employment, and housing, Head Start plays a transformative role across two generations.

There has been so much growth in my grandson since attending Head Start, awesome teachers and program!

-KCI Parent
Girl writing on paper

Head Start Program Components

KCI’s Head Start program takes a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of young children. There are four major components to our Head Start:


Providing a variety of learning experiences to help children develop language and literacy skills and grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally.


Providing health services such as immunizations, dental, medical, and mental health, and nutritional services, and early identification of health problems.

Parent Involvement

Involving parents as volunteers, adult learners and leaders who plan and implement activities and provide program oversight and governance.

Family Services

Providing outreach to families to strengthen them as the primary nurturers of their children and to link them to community services they need.